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Relaxed Employees Are More Productive

 STRESS!! It's not only taking its toll on your employees, but it’s also taking a toll on company finances! According to The Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index, the total annual costs related to lost productivity totaled $84 billion, due to stress-related personal days and absenteeism.  The industry with the greatest loss occurring in professional occupations.

Employee stress costs employers' up to $84 billion a year.  Some of the effects it has on employees:​

  • Burn out

  • Decreased performance

  • High error rate and poor quality of work

  • Increased mood swings, frustration and impatience

  • Increase absenteeism

  • High staff turnover

  • Poor office morale

  • Substance abuse 

  • Emotional disorders; Depression

  • Frequent headaches

  • Obesity

  • Cardiac arrests

Employers can create a more relaxed work culture by fostering more effective stress management strategies.  A great way to do this, is with office Reiki sessions, which can be accomplished remotely, or in-office, with the effect being the same in either location.  Reiki is a powerful and effective way to help executives and staff to de-stress and relax.


Having a regular Corporate Reiki program can boost productivity and efficiency, reduce employee sick days and turnover rates, and contribute to higher morale in the workplace. All of that also means your business saves money in the long run!


The Reiki DOCTA, has been helping shift the wellbeing of corporate staff by providing balance and relaxation services in large corporate environments. We have seen firsthand how executives and staff who were stressed out became more centered and calm after short and convenient, 15 minute sessions.


Our services are extremely affordable.   Sessions are conducted in your office or at a business event, to provide relaxation services for your team. Reiki does not require any preparation and the client stays fully clothed. We use a state-of-the-art zero gravity chairs that take up very little space so multiple sessions could take place in a spare conference or meeting room. We design our sessions so that they are fast and efficient and they can take place during a lunch break or even a standard office break, suiting your busy schedule.  This workshop is specifically designed in a manner, keeping in view the needs of corporate/IT world. In this workshop one experiences deep relaxation/ rejuvenation and healing on body, mind and emotional levels. Learns about depths of emotions like anger / anxiety  and ways to balance it. Understands ways to manage relationship at workplace, home and self more effectively.  Learns to remain healthy and peaceful at any situation.  The happier and healthier employees are, the more likely it will be that the company will be successful.

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