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What is a Virtual Reiki session, and how is it Possible?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

When a person books a private session we agree on a time when they will be able to stretch out on something comfortable, turn off their electronics and put on some nice music. I suggest they reserve an hour even though the session is 30 minutes, in order to allow time to gently return from the Reiki space. We make arrangements to connect at a later time to address any questions that may arise. During the session I sit in meditation, set the intention and connect with the person.  Clients book sessions for many reasons, including stress, difficulty sleeping, lack of focus, injury/illness, pregnancy, surgery, emotional issues, wellness care, and end of life care. These sessions are conducted just as they are in person, as if the is directly in front of the practitioner. If it is the client's first visit, a full evaluation is sent via email, discussing the findings. It is not uncommon for clients to receive miraculous healing after just one session, as in person.

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