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Why I said YES, to Reiki

It has been said that you do not find Reiki, rather Reiki finds you. When I went in search of a cure for the severe allergic reactions I had been experiencing on a daily basis, with hives as big as dinner plates all over my body, throat closing up so much I had to be admitted to the hospital 4 times in the same month, little did I know that what I would discover would so profoundly change not only my life, but others as well.

For me, at the time, it was about finding relief from the terrifying condition that threatened my life on a daily basis. Scouring the internet left me with more questions than answers. Thousands of women especially, were posting similar issues with diagnosies from their doctors, which were inconclusive. It was maddening actually, with so many going through similar symptoms but no one in the medical field with definitive answers. What should any of us do?? Well first, I took the time to stop and pray! This is how I get all my answers. Now mind you, when I finally dug my heels in to search for answers, it took me almost a year. And then it happened. Reiki found ME! I first received the word Reiki as it appeared across my computer screen one day. I had been doing a search of all my symptoms, (as I had numerous times in the past), looking at blog postings from others, and medical pages, etc. I could have closed the page or did a new search, but something about the word intrigued me. I then began searching this new discovery, and lo and behold, a whole new world of healing opened up for me, and as I allowed it to gently unfold into my life, the healing began. Once I learned Reiki, it took 3 months for me to see miraculous results, and I have NEVER LOOKED BACK!

As I learned more and more about this amazing healing energy, the need to share it with others was so overwhelming that I would give Reiki sessions to folks for free! Over and over again I heard the positive testimonies from people I gave Reiki to. Shortly thereafter the nudging came to me yet again and I began offering Reiki to people as a business. It became the highlight of my days to have a Reiki client. It was amazing for me to witness the healings that occurred over and over again from person to person. So much so that I wanted to see results on a larger scale. I wanted to see more people touched than just one person at a time. Later I started to receive yet another gentle nudging, which led me to begin teaching Reiki. What better way to give healing on a large scale, than to teach others to do it too? When Covid hit, it changed the lives of all of us in so many ways. I began teaching classes online, and now those people are in turn able to teach and heal others. Talk about reaching people on a global scale! you see why I have such a love for Reiki and why I said YES, to Reiki!

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