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Our our youth today are surrounded by far more toxins, ailments and adult choices than ever. When started at a younger age, Reiki can set the tone for a life of health, and empowerment for your child at any age, or stage in their development.   Reiki works on the body, mind, and spirit, and will naturally flow to the areas that need it most and gently recede once the areas are balanced.

Reiki for Kids with ADD, ADHD, & the Autistic Spectrum

Amongst it's many benefits Reiki promotes optimal communication, tranquility and restores a sense of purpose.  Many of these children have unique energy fields and can be highly intuitive, curious, and inspired by colors. Ultimately, these children are here to teach us oneness and love, during these challenging times.  We call these children Rainbow, Indigo, or Crystal Kids.  

These endearing and evolved souls are attuned to a different frequency, and can be misunderstood. They usher us into a new paradigm of thinking and are thus highly sensitive to their environment, which can lead to their overstimulation and frustration.  Reiki can help.

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